Evangelizing Design Sprint

Sprinting Over Business Hurdle - Why Design Sprint Matters.

Before the COVID era, I organised a Design Sprint lunch and learn session at MVF with speakers from Google London office, Vasilis and Tracy. 

The goal of the knowledge sharing session was to educate MVFers on problem solving approaches. And to include designers into business problem solving from early stages of the project.

As a bit of background, MVF is a very fast paced MarTech company and thrives in responding to changes very quickly. Consequently, it creates three major issues.

1 – Most of the marketing executives and the CRO executives at MVF jumps onto solution before fully understanding the issues at hand.

2 – Marketing and CRO works on the campaign and the landing pages happen in isolation.

3- Consequently, it is not always easy to tell what changes created the lift in conversion. And the success is un-repeatable in hundreds of other campaigns. 

MVF & Google Collaboration

Vasilis and Tracy, from Google visiting MVF head office in London. It was a successful lunch and learn session we delivered to 100 MVFers.

Content Planning

MVF design team members and the Google reps collaborated on the topics, quotes, post event questionnaire.

Admin Tasks

Co-ordinating with MVF HR team to book for the lunch and learn venue and decide on the free lunch.

Motivating MVFers

Workign with PR team on company wide communications. Creating inspirational banners to stick around the MVF offices.

Measuring Success

Sending out post-event questionnaire to understand satisfaction rate of the content, presenters & choice of free lunch.

Experience Based Learning

All the participants were advised to bring a business problem they wanted to work on during the lunch and learn session. 

Everyone got to try the design sprint framework and felt it was useful for solving problems. Based on post-event survey, many business owners felt design sprint can help them with their 10X projects. 

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Felt design sprint was useful and willing to request MVF design resources for facilitation
Business functions adopted the new way of solving business problems