Artemis: Marketing Forecasting Tool

Artemis is an MVF in house tool offering New Target Setting Experience to its users.

It allows MVF to report performance Vs. plans. The application also allows adjustments to run-times based on the performance insights. By allowing MVFers to easily search through hundreds of plans and easily enter or update any metric in a given plan.

Traditionally, target setting is done in spreadsheets and communicated via slack. It is a very ad-hoc way of setting targets. 

The opportunities Artemis explores are as follows. 

  • New Target Setting Experience: It offers a collaborative way of setting marketing targets for channels like SEM/ Social/ CDN/ EPM.
  • Structured Knowledge Base: Artemis offers a centralised repository for the target setting knowledge base which is accessable for reflecting on the past and also to focus MVF success in the future. 
  • Personalised Experience: Artemis is used by many different teams at MVF who perform different tasks for setting marketing targets. By offering a personalisaiton ability, users can focus on their task at hand.

Artemis Branding

Artemis closely follows the brand guidelines for core MVF design and builds on top of what we already have.

Artemis Branding

Artemis branding closely follows the core MVF brand.

It uses atomic design system and uses MVF core component to build up the page. While also having Artemis specific components to give it a unique experience from other products in the portfolio.

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Faster time to market

Release 1 - Artemis | Marketing Targets

In the release 1, Marketing operations teams are able to set their monthly targets. Marketing operations team are able to use those targets in their daily stand up for syncing with the team. 

Smoother Process

As per the workflow below, the bulk of target setting work is happening on Artemis in a collaborative manner. Notifications about target changes are shared on relevant slack channels to raise awareness of the changes.

A Tool For Marketing Sync

As Artemis allows a very well designed searching and filtering options, it serves the information needs of differnt teams. Thus becoming a go to place for morning stand up of the marketing teams.

Material Design - Data Tables

One of the core reason for high adoption is the small learning curve. Data tables have superior usability due to very well designed interaction patterns. The user's information seeking behaviour is well catered for by the powerful sorting/ searching features.

Customisation & Personalisation

Based on the user job role, the Artemis dashboard can be personalised to support their information needs. The customisation feature for surfacing the right information enables the users to have any additional adjustments to the dashboards.

Success & Outcomes

In release 2, was a major success due to the degree of coloboration between different functions. We had record high active advocates for Artemis adoption in MVF history due to the great sense of shared ownership of the product.

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Design Education

We used design sprint to identify the best target setting experience. Members of all business functions such as Product Manager, front-end/ back-end developers, marketing executives, marketing operations team took an active part in the design sprint.

Shared Ownership

Due to the collaborative processes we adopted, like design sprint and paring sessions for Dev/Desing/Operations team members, everyone felt a sense of ownership for the end result. It made everyone push harder for higher level of adoption for Artemis.

Winning An Award

Artemis was awarded as the most innovative & impactful product of the year at MVF Biddable Festival. A prestigious event for all MVFers where the year's outstanding achievements are celebrated.

Hiring More Developers

The success of Artemis led to hiring of two more dev resources.To bring the MVF component library up to speed and to increase the velocity at which the team was delivering.